Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Program note

Yes, there has been a fall-off in my usual incredible blogging stamina (if I do puff my chest out and say so myself). As we say here in Massachusetts, I've been wicked busy.

There's work, which I'd like to keep doing, and sometimes that calls for extra efforts. This is one of those times. Plus, the IS people are now blocking Blogger logins, so it's harder for me to file items, though not impossible. I actually agree with this policy, though ideally I'd like for them to relax it on the lunch hour.

I've been playing piss-loads of tennis, too. Since I learned in midlife, I'm not that good at it, but I enjoy it. And the drinking afterward. Especially with a carefully selected few. Alone in days this week, I have today off from whacking a yellow ball, but I plan to update my friend's state rep web site instead of blogging continuously. I'll probably ice my knees and stretch my back while I riff HTML.

I've also been trying to get household affairs in order after long neglect. That won't be over soon, but at least I'm going to get new tires on my car later today.

Meanwhile, consider this an open thread. Hell, y'all don't need me to start the next fight.

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