Friday, June 19, 2009

Fundamental flaw

The problem with the Obama administration's defense of Darth Cheney from the tender ministrations of Jon Stewart: It's legalistic bullshit to claim that Darth "cooperated" with the Plame investigation.

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Silence DoGood said...

Obama is just trying to make his future and Biden's a little nicer. As the article ends up: "White House-related criminal probes could reasonably be anticipated, as "every administration in the last thirty years" has experienced such a probe." " Ouch.

This is close to the final steps in the Obama de-evolution.

Early 2008: I will change the way Wash DC politics work - all dems and repubs there are corrupt insiders.

Later 2008: Um, I will change a lot of the repub policies in Wash DC.

Election 2008: Um, I will change the Bush/Cheney failed policies, and McCain is an old guy.

Now in the farm house: Cheney was not a bad man. I will bring some of the troops home when I need them eleswhere, and they better not say they are gay. Have you seen me with my cute kids?

UMbama or maybe UNbama.