Thursday, June 11, 2009

Never mind

He can't be one of theirs. He got caught.

Holocaust Museum murderer James von Brunn is waaay beyond Republican even though the average Republican is pretty extreme.

Hysterically - and completely in keeping with Republican denial of awkward reality - Rush Limbaugh among others has been attempting to foist von Brunn off on liberals as one of us.

Oops. Von Brunn despises Obama too.

So much for leftwing political violence...


Silence DoGood said...

Repubs are sinking their own PR ship faster than I would have thought possible.

But I find it amusing that you continue to use terms like "them" and "theirs" and demand discrimination by party, religion, etc.

Is this nut job a right-wingnut or not? The pigeonhole destination seems so important.

It is a big world out there. There continuation of the myth of all problems are black vs. white and Repub vs. Dems is a cartoon.

Grab a Tibet monk, a Muslim faction foot soldier, and displaced African refugee, a jailed Chinese journalist. Now demand they come to America and pick - "whose side are you on?"

Black or white - Repub or Dem - wingnut or nut?

Reductio ad absurdum.

lovable liberal said...

It's odd that you can't see the fact that I'm not blaming Republicans for von Brunn. But I'm certainly laughing at the Rush-propagated wingnut meme that von Brunn is one of mine.

Silence DoGood said...

LL: "...I'm not blaming Republicans for von Brunn."

Sorry, I was linking this in with your April and other commentaries pulling out anecdotes and relishing in the FBI and other reports of a Great Right Wing conspiracy.

I didn't realize you had backed off that.

Perhaps juxtaposed to this Rush conspiracy theory, there was too much similarity in the statisitcs-free "research" method.

lovable liberal said...

Backing off? You made the association, not me.

There is a difference between an anti-abortion nutjob and an anti-Semitic nutjob. One is on the fringe of a core Republican constituency, the other not so much.

Are you still trying to claim there's no right-wing violence in America? Because of your ignorant misunderestimation (heh) of my knowledge of research, of statistics, of those things you imagine you know? Whatever...

Silence DoGood said...

I have never denied there is right wing violence in America. There is also left-wing violence, and violence by people with pet turtles, and people who eat ice cream.

I believe there are lots of people commiting crimes for a variety of reasons in the US.

But like any good conspiracy theory you have offered no statistical proof, only selected, anecdotal emotional stories.

I am annoyed by a government backed report and media hype about a murky right wing conspiracy. And I don't believe it.

I didn't believe it in the 60's when the FBI claimed there were vast left wing conspiracies.

And the reason was the same. Citizens questioned the government and so it was politically expedient to to create a left-wing conspiracy.

Now it is expedient to create a right-wing conspiracy. The government demonizing the opposition is age old and Obama clearly is not about to break the tradition.

Violence yes, but conspiracy no.

Silence DoGood said...

I have another example of this misuse of statistics (or non-use).

You make this astounding connection: "anti-abortion nutjob... is on the fringe of a core Republican constituency".

Now I recently read that violent crime in the profile of young black men is on the rise. Since young black voters were huge Obama supporters are these criminals "on the fringe" of the Obama movement? What does that even mean?

Both statements are ludicrous. I don't buy into either one.

Silence DoGood said...

LL: You put a lot of time into these blog. Doesn't anyone else out there comment?

lovable liberal said...

I suppose if I said that most people need to take a leak every morning, you'd demand a double blind study to prove it.

I did think you might blunder into the core constituency trap, and I thought about fencing it off so you wouldn't, but why? Anti-abortion politics is ideologically central to the Republican Party. Black crime is not correspondingly central to the Democratic Party (except in the fevered imaginations of racists).

Not even the DHS report alleges a vast right-wing conspiracy. It does allege the potential - which is clearly there - of small right-wing conspiracies.

You imagine - and sanctimoniously at that - that you are evidence-based and dispassionate, yet you always manage to ignore facts and evidence contrary to your one true faith, which is some kind of mushy political solipsism.

The Democrats are much better than the Republicans. Sorry you don't want to hear that. President Obama is far superior to Duhbya.

Maybe someone else should jump in and slap your arguments down!

Silence DoGood said...

The one thing I will agree to beyond a shadow of a doubt is that Obama is far superior to Dubya.

When you put forth an actual logical train of thought beyond CNN-speak embellished by period words like "solipsism" to make people roll their eyes, let me know.

Crap with frilly lace still smells about the same.

I think I will leave you to your little private fifedom here.

lovable liberal said...

It's a free country.

Had to google solipsism, huh?