Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Situational ethics


Conservatives unwittingly reveal that they actually believe that President Obama can change an adversary into a friendly liberal democracy simply by talking. Of course, it is still true that they think his words have to match their foolish posturing.

Hey, does that mullah look like Darth Cheney to you?

Click image for full Tom Tomorrow/Salon cartoon.


lovable liberal said...

The truth about the Republicans is of course much simpler: They're simply carping. It's what they do.

Silence DoGood said...

NeoCons: bomb, hate, and scorched earth should get their attention.

Umbama: after "vigorous discussion" I might sorta threaten to possibly not invite their representatives to a party here. Maybe. Unless my polls might go down more. If that isn't too much of an opinion.

If this isn't the best argument for a some 3rd party candidates to get busy locally, I don't know what is. Act locally.

There has to be something between "bomb them" and "adjust our attitude slightly in a negative trend proactively".

I hate how Umbama uses phrases like the "world will judge" and the "international community will...", ahem ,ahem. Dude you have all eyes on you and your Bully Pulpit - the People voted you in - tell us what YOU think. It is OK - you can take some responsibility now! Grow a pair for Liberals!

Wouldn't you like to hear Umbama someday just say "I am for that." (silence) or "I think that was wrong." (silence)

Even when reporters asked about his smoking, he copuld just say "yes, I smoke." I would respect that. Instead it was "trying to quit, and don't do it around the children, and it might be bad, and I blah, blah blah....".

This guy would be a great middle manager "suit" somewhere.

New movement POUT: People for an Opinion from Umbama Today.

Or PePo - People before Polls.

lovable liberal said...

Y'know, I can't even read this deeply encoded bullshit. SDG, you live way too deeply in your own imagination - and I say this as someone who also has too much inner monologue. The difference: Mine never comes to the surface as private language, and when it does come to the surface in another form, it's usually about getting my spin serve in.

Silence Dogood said...

"deeply encoded" - did you even read the comments? I will assume this is a joke since that is EXACTLY what I am complaining about in our mumble-mouth in chief.

Good luck with the spin-serve. Although I would recommend an un-embellished stright shot once in a while from the way you and Umbama like to speak.

lovable liberal said...

I get it. You think a gibe and a wave of the hand constitutes an argument. That's why so much of your stuff is so unrewarding to read.