Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why Republicans have to lie

Republicans want to bring back the old deal, the 1929 deal:

Among other changes, the Ryan Roadmap proposes:
  • Raising taxes only on those Americans making between
    $20,000 and $200,000, while slashing taxes in half
    for the wealthiest Americans. The middle class would
    pay higher average tax rates than millionaires – an
    unprecedented reversal of progressive U.S. tax policy.
  • Eliminating taxation of corporate income and replacing
    it with a consumption tax that would disproportionately
    hit middle-class Americans.
  • Placing the entire burden of deficit reduction on
    spending cuts. The Ryan Roadmap prioritizes dismantling
    social insurance programs, not balancing
    the budget.
  • Replacing Medicare and Medicaid with inadequate
    vouchers to purchase health insurance in a broken
  • Privatizing Social Security for wealthy Americans
    and ending Social Security’s role as universal social
    insurance with benefits tied to lifetime earnings.
The GOP wants you to be all alone and on your own.  If you deserved help, you wouldn't need it, not even if you were actually paying for it.

Republicans don't give a shit about the deficit either:
The hefty tax hikes on the middle class included in the
plan do not go toward deficit reduction.
Nor does the
Roadmap’s overall revenue plan improve the long-term
fiscal outlook. The plan actually reduces federal revenue
relative to either current law or current policy.
Republicans use the deficit as a way to perpetually cut taxes on the wealthy.  If there were no deficit, you middle class peons might actually expect something from your government.  And they can't have you expecting that!

Unless there's a war (to protect their lifestyle).  Then you can expect a draft notice.

(h/t Meteor Blades at DailyKos)

Update: In case you imagined that Paul Ryan (R-plutocracy and penury go together) might become unpopular in the Republican caucus because of his proposals, he's giving the GOP response to President Obama's State of the Union address.  In an attempt to make Ryan look moderate, Michele Bachmann will lip-synch a Glenn Beck monologue in an unofficial Teapublican response.

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Anonymous said...

Really, can you believe the class warfare fro mthese fuckers?