Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random regress

For the most part, TV technology has gotten better and better.  Resolution is better.  Watching sports on DVR is better than live if you're o.k. with deferred gratification.  You can fast forward past all the frippery.

But basketball broadcasts never replay the previous play - the one you want to see.  They replay a previous play.  Since football broadcasts don't do this, it must be a consensus directorial decision.

Let me tell you, it's bullshit.  Show me the damn play, even if it exposes the complete caprice of foul and walk calls in high-level hoops.  (Yeah, finally there's an exception - proving the rule, and the refs totally missed the UConn player kicking the ball out of bounds.)

Reality, that's what I want, not bullshit swept under the rug.  Just like politics, only if you know what's real and true can you possibly make the world better.

Or watch wrestling and roller derby.

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