Friday, January 21, 2011

Loughner's never getting out, so what's the problem?

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer prepares to empty the asylums.  Oh, too late, done decades ago.  Brewer proposes to stop taking care of the mentally ill except to fling tranqs at them.  Complex problems, simple-minded solutions, the Republican way...

Can't you just purr from the warm feeling of Republican Nocare!  Yes, the free market is going to take care of these people.  It always does.  They can sell their meds on the street and get their transplants.  If that's the rational way to act in the market for medical services.  Though we might need a government program to intervene from time to time - what do we give cops tasers for, anyway?  Portable electroshock!

Then Arizonans can finance it all with yet another zombie movie.  It's already cast, so no need for a casting director.  Win-win-win!

(h/t Digby)

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