Friday, January 21, 2011

Michelle Obama linked to huge increase in bullshit

Ordinary statistical variation?  Never heard of it.

Michelle said, "Walk."  More pedestrians are dead.  QED!

Wingnut liars:  It's her fault we have to tear her down with bullshit.  It was a slow news day.  Why didn't she wear something sleeveless?  If global warming were real, she could, even in January.

Honestly, the bullshit that Americans will listen to and lend credence is so vast and odiferous that there's no chance of us ever composting it all.  Ya think we could make it our comparative advantage over the Chinese?  They don't seem to have our abilities in this line of manufacturing.

Conservatives traffic constantly in lies.  Their moronic followers believe the most obvious bullshit.  Why wouldn't their heroes keep lying to them?  More tax cuts for the liars!

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