Monday, January 31, 2011

The weep in review

The only way you'll get the tears of John Boehner (R-lacrimose) off his face is to pry them from his cold, dead hanky.  (Note to morons: I'm snarking an NRA bumpersticker.)

Boehner says he's just emotional about the problems facing America.  I wonder whether he's a depressive in need of help, if he's taking something that makes him emotional, if he can't take the strain.

This is yet another way you know that there is no liberal counterbalance to the right-wing media:  If a Democrat ever wept in public as frequently or as copiously as Boehner - or even once and just a little (paging Edmund Muskie) - his career would be over.

And if a woman cried - or just choked up a tiny little bit (Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi) - the wingnut bullshit distribution network (WBDN) would circulate it forever as a sign of weakness and a reason to mock her.

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