Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rules for your Boehner

Republican claims of transparency have nothing at all to do with any principle more noble than their own power:

Republicans have also pledged to have an open rule on all spending bills, which means that members of both parties will be able to offer more amendments and have more debate, which in theory would lead to more scrutiny for each government agency seeking financing.
A big exception will be the bill to repeal the health care law that House Republicans plan to bring up next week. That bill will not be subject to amendments, nor will Republicans have to abide by their own new rules that compel them to offset the cost of new bills that add to the deficit; the health care repeal and tax cuts are not subject to this new rule.
Majoritarian rule is the nature of the House, no matter how much they may dress up a sow's ear.

By the way, many (all?) bills are already on-line at Thomas.  Republicans want to take credit for that - I'd guess they're making some minor extension of what's already there.  Trust the media to point that out?  Why...

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