Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Win some, lose some

The dog still has to be walked, the driveway still has to be shovelled, the dishwasher still has to be loaded. And it is a beautiful night outside.

Most voters don't vote ideology. They vote for change when they hurt, and they vote for safety when they're afraid. Right now, they hurt.

Never mind who made them hurt. They don't analyze. Martha Coakley didn't give voters much to vote for, and they forgot the last time a handsome Republican fooled them into thinking he would keep their interests close.

And, sure enough, there at Scott Brown's victory party: Mitt Romney. The people of Massachusetts will soon start to learn for better or for worse about Brown's sincerity. I expect the worst.

Meanwhile, Brown captured a mandate. Killing the current health care bill - if he can get sworn in time - may actually do the Democrats a favor. It's not a very good bill.


Thai-Duong said...

So are you doubting Scott Brown's sincerity just because he's a Republican? You did not list any reasons to doubt his sincerity.

lovable liberal said...

Isn't that enough? It's a party built on faux populism to profit the very rich. Remember the pickup truck ad? It's almost by definition insincere to be a Republican.

But here's a more specific reason: After winning, he claimed that the voters elected him to oppose Washington gridlock, when in fact his platform is to harden the partisan gridlock in Washington. And there's no doubt he knows it.

In any case, I'd suggest you read further. This item wasn't the first about Scott Brown, and it won't be the last.