Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Liberal media

The New York Times bends so far over backward to spin these wingnut wannabe junior Watergaters as "activists" that they could kiss their own asses if they just had Linda Blair's neck. To hear the alleged journalists at the Times tell it, these guys are just journalists gone slightly awry:

At least three of the men charged in the episode have backgrounds in campus journalism.


Mr. O’Keefe has long espoused a form of journalism that draws attention to itself.
Just pretexting their way into a Senator's phone system! What a bunch of cards! They just needed more attention. At least they weren't stinking bloggers!

All of the people the Times quotes in response are conservatives:
  • Michelle Malkin
  • Glenn Beck
  • the so-called Leadership Institute
  • a blogger at the Corner
  • and one of O'Keefe's old fellow cub distorters from Rutgers
There is no excuse for an article this slanted. Even Fox would have leavened it with something it pretended was a liberal point of view. Reporters Campbell Robertson and Liz Robbins need to be on the police beat at the Post. The New York Post.

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