Saturday, January 2, 2010

Burying the lead

Kudos to Chief Justice John Roberts for setting a laconic example that Karl Rove should take to heart:

"Many of those needs remain to be addressed," said Roberts. "This year, however, when the political branches are faced with so many difficult issues, and when so many of our fellow citizens have been touched by hardship, the public might welcome a year-end report limited to what is essential: The courts are operating soundly."
But CNN buries this important story:
The slow pace [of Federal judicial confirmations] can be traced to the Republican minority in the Senate, which has successfully blocked floor votes for a number of pending judicial nominations. Such vacancies in the long run can create backlogs in hearing cases, and strain financial and manpower resources.
Harry Reid is a poor politician for failing to make the Republicans pay a public price for their incessant obstructionism.

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