Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Analogy nostalgia

Some people my age can wax nostalgic for the analogy questions that used to be such a large part of the SAT verbal. Sick - and I don't mean that not in current slang. But those analogies helped us get into college, so they must have been important.

A Scott Brown robo-call a few minutes ago made me think of those long ago questions. He said he was calling about the election, that he doesn't like these calls, and that he doesn't "like the lies and misrepresentations."

I set up the question like this:

"I don't like political calls" : "I make political calls" :: "I don't like lies and misrepresentations" : ________

  1. "I'm an independent voice."
  2. "I want to change partisanship in Washington."
  3. "Martha Coakley went negative first, and I'm pure as the driven snow."
  4. "I lie and misrepresent."
Easy question...

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