Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Housekeeping the anger

One thing that angry Republicans in Massachusetts should consider: When they were up in arms over the fact that the Democratic legislature and the governor changed the Senatorial succession law to allow an interim appointment by the governor, the Dems could easily have returned to the status quo before the previous change, which was meant to take a lasting appointment to fill John Kerry's seat out of Mitt Romney's hands.

That would have been bald partisanship (as well as undemocratic). But the Democrats didn't do that. Out of principle.

Tom Delay would never have been so democratic. Republicans should mull that over.


globeisatrocious said...

Hilarious. I knew going back to read this after the election of Brown would pay off. Thank you for not dismantling these posts, which I probably would have - they are so rich and thick and chocolick! And to think I was going to hang myself from a pipe in the basement tonight! Reading more with my new lease on life!

lovable liberal said...

Uh, o.k.

But please take your meds regularly. My good jujube may not always be powerful enough to reach you out there in Wingnuttia.