Sunday, January 17, 2010

Balls and Republican beefcake

Scott Brown is covering his balls here. Literally.

If Democrats had balls, literally or otherwise, they would have made sure this was all over the media. Republicans, if on the other side of this question, would be utterly sleepless from the gleeful and not-so-easily-hidden wood they would get from such a delightful opportunity.

Nude model for Senate. What a gift! If only Democrats would take it. Probably too late now.

Click image for full spread on Cosmopolitan. No kidding.

Update (1/19): I missed a rare opportunity with my title: I should have gone with "Naked in Massachusetts", the long-ago satire of Ed King's slogan "Make it in Massachusetts".

Update (10/8/11): Now that Scott Brown's wrist covering his package is back in the news, this post is getting traffic again. C'mon, leave a comment!

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