Monday, September 7, 2009

Yet half the country hates labor

No labor scandal ever came close to the cost of the Madoff Ponzi scheme.

Click image for full Tom Toles/Washington Post cartoon.


SDG said...

OK - Madoff is a bigger criminal in dollars than a labor scandal criminal.

This reminds me of the last election - voting for the lesser of two evils.

Or the policy of arming Iraq, no Iran over so many decades that is supporting the enemy of my enemy.

We really have a bad-guy management style here in the US.

you may have gotten used to this type of politics but I will continue to resist it.

I want to see and support that which is more good not less evil.

lovable liberal said...

If you want to resist something, how about the U.S. as the arsenal of the world? Hey, it's a growth sector!

GDS said...

Yes - absolutely. The export of weapons with a wink-wink by the US is unethical and has IMHO contributed to a LOT of world violence.

So I will assume by you changing the subject, that you have either no awareness or are OK with the DNC / RNC who is the bigger bad guy game, as you illustrated.

lovable liberal said...

It's obvious that the GOP is the waaay bigger bad guy, even on arms export, though the Democratic Party has quite some guilt in arms export, too, which was in fact the point of my comment. Sorry you didn't get it.

ddggss said...

Oh I got it - you win - I win send you your medal. I just chose to leave the DNC / RNC bad guy game.

There is another alternative, but I cannot imagine you can see it.

There can be a good motive although you will not see it. I am sorry for you.

Ghandi would be a good man to read up on. He believed, as I do, that good is a possibility.

The negative BS from the RNC has jaded you - that is understandable. They are assholes bent on destruction.

But I would ask you to entertain the possibility of the positive.

lovable liberal said...

Politics is the art of the possible. No one in the Green Party understands that basic rule. Your only useful function is to pull Democrats and media to the left, and you've failed utterly at both.

Silence DoGood said...

Interesting that I talk about the possibility of positive things and you simply call it "the possible".

You really cannot tell anymore whether the outcome is: positive/negative/moral/corrupt.

That is the classic mod mentality. We are all excited and running around so it doesn't matter what the actual outcome is.

I welcome a difference in opinion or belief or philosophy or religion, but the one rule (not my rule) is you actually have to have one first.

This the main fault I find with our President. I wish he would grow a pair. And growing a pair is not just making fun of people.

When the wing-nuts say his school speech is evil and has a hidden agenda, Obama should say "I think it is GOOD because (blah). Show me right now where in the text is the evil part".

Obama has a brilliant opportunity to pull this country in a good direction. I hope he doesn't fail.