Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mighty oak

ACORN's selection of Scott Harshbarger to investigate the brothel sting indicates that they want a real investigation. Harshbarger would have been elected governor of Massachusetts in 1998 if he had been a go-along-to-get-ahead Democrat. Instead, he had angered the traditional wing of the party by prosecuting official misconduct, and many of them refused to support him.


Silence DoGood said...

ACORN chose the Common Cause guy?

Since when is someone choosing their own investigator serious about anything, but getting out of being responsible?

This needs to be a federal investigation since they possibly took federal money under false pretenses.

If they are innocent then let that be after a serious investigation.

Of course no comment from Obama himself. Compare this to Race which he brings up periodically even if to "play it down". ACORN - that is how you say nothing when you don't want attention brought to it. Think about the difference.

lovable liberal said...

Duh! Since they hired an honest guy with a record of putting people in his own party on trial.

You get your "news" from Fox, don't you? You constantly bring right-wing talking points here as if they are something other than propaganda.

dsg said...

Right wing? - like when I call on our president to grow a pair and execute MORE liberal policy and not the glamorous liberal-lite version he is.

I am critical of Obama's increased troop deployment, illegal assassinations in Somolia, not really closing prison camps. What right wingnut group espouses that?

I just don't shady politics. Regardless of what they claim to represent.

I am a liberal-libertarian-independent thinker and I will start by refusing to be squeezed into your neat pigeon hole.

I would suggest you try to escape from the us vs. them mentality. It is always a dark time when people start thinking that way.

lovable liberal said...

Constantly doesn't equal only.

Your sole consistent goal is a false equivalence.

How is the me against the world you bring better than us against them? Is it purer?

SsDdGg said...

It is not "me" against the world. Last time I checked the voting record in my very modest population state I found 1000's and 1000's of "me": Those that DID vote but DID NOT vote for your sacred DNC or the out-dated RNC.

There is trouble in the old DNC-RNC clubhouse. And there is a lot of "me" who know it and are acting on our convictions.

People are waking up to realize the main parties do not represent them any more.

With today's communication and technology, there is no reason for the two party system you are trying to hold on to as it crumbles.

It is time for a change. No, a real change this time.

Am I the only one who reads this?

lovable liberal said...

You don't have the votes. You're not close to having the votes. Your proposed coalition is so fractured that there's no chance short of drugging the water supply for it ever to obtain the votes.

Meanwhile, people live and die in the normal course of life, and I make the adult, non-navel-gazing choice of the better (far better!) of the two major parties.