Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First draught of history

Media coverage of politics is no longer driven by the New York Times or the Washington Post, not even by CBS, but rather by Fox News, talk radio, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, Drudge's rumor-mongering (still prospering on one semen stain after all these years!), and the rest of the concerted conservative corporate propaganda machine. The first draught of history is a heady blend of angry, paranoid, proudly ignorant Kool-Aid.

Any history of this period that's not a revisionist history will purvey the thoroughgoing bullshit of our age.

(h/t Philosoraptor)


Silence DoGood said...

Media coverage driven by Fox. Really? Headline news today on fox web site features its assault on ACORN. I am not arguing ACORN here. I am testing your theory:

I looked at MSNBC, ABC, CNN, and CBS and none of them are running that story. Which media do you mean?

The media cartoon that plays in your imagination doesn't count.

lovable liberal said...

Give it time.

Or think back. Who pushed and pushed and pushed the teabaggers, both this past weekend and last summer? Who pushed Van Jones out? How about the lunatic fringe domination of health care forums? OK, that was probably universal in the big media.

Now, here's a more recent - and perhaps more thorough - search:

If you could remember the past twenty years, maybe you could get a clue when they're half off at the Clue Barn.

SDG said...

There are examples on both sides. I allow for both.

The reality (visit it sometime) has wingnut ("beware socialism") and Obama-zombie ("hey look - white/black fight") influence both playing the media like a musical instrument. Sort of Wingzombie effect.

Clue Barn - is that next Walmart?