Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When wingnuts attack

The wingnut coup will be bloodless because ... they're just so darned virtuous!

Taking power at the point of a gun from the duly elected President non-violently honors and defends the Constitution.

They don't have the slightest idea what simple words mean. They put words in two categories, good and bad. Any word in the good category they assign to themselves, irrespective of its meaning. Any word in the bad category we get. That's how we came to be socialist/fascist/communist liberals.

What happens when those of us who are true to our founders' ideals fight them for our Constitution? Are they then going to spill our blood? Will they then claim that their junta only spilled blood that doesn't matter?


Paul Petersen said...

Of course they would kill us all; look at what they did to the Iraqis for a few billion dollars in profit. Logic and reason doesn't matter to these folks, but one nevertheless wonders, what on earth is Obama doing that is so very wrong? From here it looks a lot like business as usual in Washington.

lovable liberal said...

Yes, Paul, the lesson is that no matter how centrist a Democrat is, the wingnuts are still going to froth at the mouth with rabid hate about any power he has, large, small, or imaginary. Obama should have known this after Clinton and gone full bore for his platform instead of trying to win over even the craaazies - and the crazies include or coerce just about every important Republican.