Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Colin Ferguson protection act

Happiness is a warm gun. On a train, with the Tangerine Dream (do they cover the Beatles?) and Rebecca DeMornay. Or something.

It's risky to parse big media too closely. Which is true about the bill that allows guns on Amtrak?

  • "allows individuals to bring their guns on trains in a manner similar to that of airlines", or
  • "Before checking the bag or boarding the train, the passenger must declare that the firearm or pistol is in his or her bag and is unloaded." (emphasis added)
Shipping your gun in checked baggage? No problem. As a carry-on? Colin Ferguson, this Colin Ferguson, would love it.

Side note for Republicans who want to verify everything regarding immigration status (papers please!), two of the three provisions that CNN calls out amount to: you're a gun owner; hey, we trust you.


Colin Ferguson said...

Well this Colin Ferguson doesn't agree. Confining people on planes and trains is a great way to overamp psychological stress -- at least from what I've seen.

That plus a gun? Bad combo...I'll avoid depressurization at 30K feet please!

lovable liberal said...

I wasn't in favor of railroad carry-on guns - that was obvious, right? The Colin Ferguson I linked to, after all, took a gun on a train, and killed six people with it. Or did you think I was in favor of that?