Friday, September 4, 2009

What they're afraid of

I'm trying hard not to question the sanity of the craaazy wingnuts who think it's inappropriate for their children to hear the President of the United States speak without their specific permission. I've been trying this because we are so deeply divided that I've started to question whether we have a future as a nation.

Really, though, the sanity of the true believers is beside the point. As long as the raving loons in the bilious wingnut media are primed to go nuclear against any Democrat who dares to show his face in public, no matter how innocently, I'm not willing to give their intelligence or their good faith the benefit of the doubt.

Wingnuts are afraid that their children might get a good impression of Barack Obama and come home wondering what else their parents are lying to them about. Could fundamentalism be bullshit? Could evolution be true? Was Jesus really a liberal? Could sex for something besides procreation be a good thing? Even for unmarried people? Even for gay and lesbian people? Could a little recreational - or even medicinal - marijuana be acceptable?

The right and their bullshit issue arsonists in their media want to live in an ultraconservative, fundie ghetto.

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