Thursday, September 10, 2009

Job qualification

The other Joe Wilson (R-You Lie!) may have won the race to the bottom for Republicans - though only when sitting in joint session of Congress; outside they wouldn't see the bottom in the Marianas Trench. Even in the allegedly hallowed halls of the Capitol, that's quite an achievement in the GOP, which finds civility to be a virtue if only Democrats would practice it by laying [sic] back and thinking of England (again!).

Still, Wilson will not lose his seat in Congress in 2010. His voters think that being an asshole in defense of know-nothing wingnut conservatism is exactly what qualifies him for the job. He stood up to Barack Hussein Obama, gol'darnit! Wilson's constituents think Barry Goldwater went soft, although they'd have "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice" chiseled on their tombstones if it didn't take up so much space.

Update: See!

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globeisatrocious said...

I am glad the Dems passed a measure today ensuring no illegals can sign up for benefits and really putting the lie to Joe Wilson's outburst. If they only had a time machine to pass it before he cried out!