Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where does the money go?

This is why we need single-payer - no sweeteners needed to purchase insurance company approval. Single-payer is the only way to get costs in line with world-wide norms - and in time there will be no way we can escape that unless we decide that half our population can do without non-emergency health care.

A real public option is the only proposal that could possibly evolve over time into single-payer. That's why the Blue Dog Democrats and the Republicans are fighting so hard on behalf of their insurance industry sponsors to kill every competitive public option.


globeisatrocious said...

Blogs are wonderful places to create a fantasy world! When pre-existing conditions are no longer hurdles to coverage, as the 2006 changes specified, it is as if everyone gets to buy fire insurance for their house that just burned down. And premiums go up! Ah that poor Forgotten Man.

lovable liberal said...

Covering more people would be more expensive, except: Single-payer takes the difference out of insurance overhead - with tons of dough left over, as is obvious from the costs the rest of the free world experiences.

Your analogy is bogus. We were going to treat people when they got really sick anyway. The insurance companies were just going to flee the bill. The difference: Now we're installing sprinklers.

globeisatrocious said...

What the hell overhead? Do you think govt does not represent huge overhead. Obama has no way to pay for this, just like Coupe Deval. Waste reduction and tax the rich - if only those meddlesome kids at the CBO would cooperate.

Sprinklers for a burned down house - only the govt would do it.

lovable liberal said...

You reveal, gia, that you are clueless about paying for health care. Insurance companies cream off a quarter of your insurance premiums to profit and to deny claims. Medicare, the closest example of a public option, spends a far smaller percentage of its outlays on overhead expenses unrelated to care than any private insurance.

Without a public option, there's no way for the consumer market to force cost containment. The Blue Dogs and you are not fiscal conservatives at all. You're shills for the insurance companies' favored status quo.