Sunday, August 16, 2009

Somebody needs a timeout

Click image for full Signe Wilkinson cartoon.


Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

It's funny that no one was worried about "runaway spending" when it came to invading a country which wasn't a threat, to find weapons that weren't there, which cost not only billion of dollars but 1,500 American lives (so far). As for a "government-run program," Fed-EX, UPS, Blackwater, & a few others are doing better than the US Postal Service & many local and state police agencies, so private/government competition CAN work. To a 40+ conservative white person, "change" is the scariest word they know--Obama being accused of being a Muslim, Obama not a citizen, Obama a "Socialist" - all that crap springs from this fear of change and of losing their way of life and of losing a sense of power. And I guess they throw the word "Socialist" around because apparently, its the worst thing you can be...worse than even a child murderer or serial killer. Some people will always live in the ideological Dark Ages.

lovable liberal said...

Sure, competition is useful. But the private parcel services aren't that great an example. I'll venture to say that no private organization would ever be able to deliver a letter anywhere across the country for less than 50 cents with daily pick-up and drop-off of mail. It's really an incredible logistical task accomplished for peanuts. In fact, margins are so low that no private business would ever try.

But the whole hairy eye-ball conservative fear meme? Yep, you nailed that, though they are pretty fearful of murder and they feel their children are sexually vulnerable.