Monday, August 17, 2009

Only a matter of time

Wingnuts carry guns to intimidate their opposition. There is going to be violence. And the country's craziest weirdos have bought up every last shred of ammunition in the country.

Update (8/18): CNN gives this story a little big media oxygen.


sdg said...

A total of less than 20 people - no violence, one simple arrest. Out of 1000's attending these public meetings.

But in your world this is proof positive of the end times and you salivate after the big media, doing the Obama bidding of pushing fear.

You should try travelling to a truly violent place in the world sometime. See what real vs. imaginary violence is like.

Blogs and the media are as much to blame if this turns ugly.

lovable liberal said...

Strictly theoretically, how many armed people would it take for you to pull your head out of your ass?

How many dead? If it's just one, is that truly violent?

But you imply that writing against violence is just as responsible as shooting for the violence. If that's what you meant, it's definitely the stupidest thing I've heard today. Of course, the day is young.

gsd said...

Writing against actual violence is very noble. Like speaking out against Obama's continued Wars - that involves actual deaths from armed people and drones. Not a peep out of you on that one? You OK with that?

Writing about imaginary violence is furthering fear and demonizing the object of your attack. Obama has shown he is a master of this.

And you have just demonstrated my point again: You cannot tell the difference, and you are ripe for the picking for users like Obama.

Say Baaaaaah! You are being played.

lovable liberal said...

Yeah, tell the dead in the UU church in Knoxville that the violence there was imaginary. Wingnuts have proven capable over and over again of putting their threats into action. You say it's not as bad as Afghanistan. How discerning!

lovable liberal said...

By the way, since you took a tangent from "you imply that writing against violence is just as responsible as shooting for the violence," I assume you meant what you appeared to mean and that you realize you have no good argument to sustain such idiocy.

gsgdsgds said...

Hey if you can assume 20 people out of a million who you don't like the looks of is proof of your latest conspiracy theory.....

Feel free to assume my changing the subject is all that crap you frothed out at the end there.

lovable liberal said...

Still performing self-service colonoscopy while opening your mouth. Good idea!

gggsssddd said...

You probably had no idea what I was talking about when I referred to Obama's Wars.

I didn't realize there was no more war and no more terrorism now that Obama is in office.

He actually sent memos to the Pentagon reclassifying as follows - I am not making this up:

Terrorism is now “‘Man-Caused’ Disasters.”

“Global War On Terror” is now “Overseas Contingency Operation.”

No change to the term "wingnut" so you are good to go.

lovable liberal said...

You didn't make that shit up? Who did it for you?