Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Infantile religion

People who think god is going to enforce their political views about health care have a narrow and primitive grasp of the enormousness of the universe.

Conservatives continue to fan the flames of ignorance, as they so often find it expedient to do. Democrats seem barely able to respond.

The first step, when the Republicans and their angry, ignorant constituents are telling or at least repeating lies, is to say flat out that they're lying. There are honest disagreements about policy, but most of this confrontation is about the knowing dissemination of falsehoods.

Republicans resort to lies because they can't win on the truth.

Update: Edited to fix a really bad sentence.


Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

I was just this minute watching a news broadcast from a protest out of Raleigh, NC in front of Senator Kay Hagen's office. The reporter made the statement that "When I asked the protesters whether any of them had read the details of Obama's proposal, most said no." He then asked one older woman, "If you have not read any of details of the proposal, how do you know what you're protesting?" I swear, the woman said, "No, I haven't read any, but I rely on the Holy Spirit to tell me what's going on, and It told me that this is wrong." It's so nice to see the American voting electorate so informed as to get their "infalible" information from their abtract beliefs. And THESE are the people that protesters think are right? They represent the paranoid fringe! So I and others are supposed to not have access to affordable health care because SHE believes in getting her "insight" from the Great Beyond? Insanity (I'll do everything in my power to find a video of this and post it).

lovable liberal said...

I'd love to see that.

Shorter NC wingnut: I'll hide behind religion so you can't criticize me for making shit up.

I guess this is the Protestant doctrine of fundie infallibility.