Friday, August 14, 2009

Days of our lives

Sarah Palin, stop her before she tweets again.

Sheila Jackson Lee dares to use a cell phone in search of the truth, how scandalous!

Mark Sanford, lonely heart in the guv'nah's mansion.

Regina Benjamin has had the temerity to advise Burger King to make their menu healthier. For pay, ZOMG!!!11!

Microscopic scrutiny of inconsequential events while giving the short shrift to momentous decisions is why we as a society and a set of political ideals are doomed.


Silence DoGood said...

You forgot the one from Umbama:

"hey look, there is a white and black guy arguing"
(I hope this distracts you from my problems and broken promises)

He uses our weakness for shiny objects in the news.

lovable liberal said...

Oh, yeah, as if Obama planted that story. Sure, if that helps you get through the night - or the day - with your worldview intact...

Monomania can be such a burden.

sdg said...

Sorry I forgot that someone forced him to parade around these two dweebs on the WH lawn. That's the "hey look part".

He doesn't plant - he is a user.

I wanted a leader. Maybe next time.

lovable liberal said...

So, you want a politician who refuses to sell himself to the public using the means that are available? Good luck with that. Even St. Ralph of the Nadir is a self-promoting politician.

You want some Jean-Luc Picard of fringes who can magisterially say, "Make it so." Can you build your own Second Life knock-off?

sdg said...

LL "You want some Jean-Luc Picard of fringes who can magisterially say, "Make it so." "

We already have that and it is not working. Umbama tried to waltz in on proclaim How Things Will Be.

I want a leader who sells his ideas based on more than hype and advertising and misdirection.

Right now we have frothing right wing nuts shouting at preppy condescending attitudes.


Bonus comparison from today's news:

Gringrich and Sharpton working together in a photo op - "a white and black guy can work together"

Umbama - "hey look at the white and black guy arguing"

lovable liberal said...

I have nothing against pot-smoking 23-year-old engineers (as long as they're not designing bridges), but they don't tend to make any more sense than you do.