Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Slow learners

... but at least they're learning. The Republicans will not negotiate in good faith if they won't even debate in good faith.

Something troubles me about the Times story, though: Not one Congressional Democrat has enough spine to be quoted. That makes the story look like a threat, rather than a real determination to ram through a good bill without all the dreck foisted on us by Republicans and Blue Dogs.

Update (8/19): CNN follows the Times.


ddggss said...

Why are the Repubs making Obama their object of hate?

Oh sure there is the WH story of conspiracy, corportions and racism. And some of that is true.

During the campaign Obama made fun of H R Clinton for having enemies and not reaching scross the aisle. He PROMISED he would be SO different, no excuses. A childish cartoon promise.

Then even before day 1, Obama is coming on all hard core and threatening vetos - even against the Dems (Huffington et.al.).

So now he has really put people off and has enemies and has not earnestly attempted to reach across the aisle. Just what he made fun of before.

Everyone doing something important makes enemies but he has made the situation worse. and it was because he denied it would happen.

Messiah complex meeets Reality.

lovable liberal said...

I think I've got it: You're a LaRouchebag! That would explain all the burgeoning randomness of your comments.

Be warned: I'm getting impatient with your juvenile attempts to turn every post you comment on into Obama slanders. I'll start deleting them soon if you don't learn to stay on topic.

Who gets to decide what's on topic? I do, natch!