Sunday, July 12, 2009

Timing Matalin would accept


That would be good timing for the Bushists. Till then? No investigations of Darth Cheney arrogating to himself the power to abridge the Constitution.


Silence DoGood said...

The timing is very suspicious. Obama is extremely smart and a clever lawyer and politician.

Like most other matters, what is Umbama's opinion on the Bush/Cheney crimes? It is "Um".

If he had an actual opinion, it would likely being getting traction or lack of traction.

Thanks to Ocam's Razor, The remaining likely explanation, which fits most of sitting politicians, is that it is being played and used.

lovable liberal said...

If only you had an anecdote. This is evidence by guess, no, evidence by fantasy. The fact that you believe Occam's Razor can get you there strongly suggests you have no understanding of the relative simplicity of hypotheses.

Much simpler: A relevant bill is before Congress right now.

Further, Obama would be better served in his opposition to the Congressional Democrats' briefing provisions if Cheney's role were not visible now. If anyone pushed this story, it wasn't likely him.

Silence DoGood said...

Yes, and my arguments pale in comparison to the breadth of your original extensively researched and footnoted thesis:


I hope the blog doesn't break under the shear weight of my reprinting the entire contents of your argument.

And of course in your ham-handed style you completely missed the connection of "never" to Occam's Razor. Humor and zealotry are inversely proportional.

lovable liberal said...

Maybe you should spell out that connection. Or make a joke. You choose.

globeisatrocious said...

Obama said last month he wants to move on. You were apoplectic (perhaps you are blocking now). Now, spoon fed facts to the NYT gin up a Holder investigation threat. Cheney is in his head!

lovable liberal said...

Apoplectic? Haven't heard that since The Count of Monte Cristo.

I want investigations, have, do, will.