Monday, July 13, 2009

CIA/media follies

This Time report is what is technically known as wild-ass guessing. The program Darth Cheney reportedly protected was either assassination or it was domestic surveillance. Or it was unworkable and cancelled in 2008, I mean 2004, no biggie, move along, nothing to see.

Anyone can guess: How about enough resolution in satellite imagery to do facial recognition? (Why look straight down? Enemy of the State showed the problems with that.)

C'mon, give it a try! It's fun and easy, and there's no accountability for being wrong.

Enough bullshit! What we need from the media is not to print every goddamned unverified superficial rumor they hear. What we need is research, reporting, sourcing, and truth.

A bit of memory wouldn't hurt either. Could this "new" story relate to the unpursued Bob Woodward rhetorical bombshell of September 2008? Yes, at the time, I leaned to technology, too, since Woodward likened it to the Manhattan Project.

In any case, we still don't know.


globeisatrocious said...

"We don't know" "Wild ass guessing" But let's turn loose a special prosecutor.

lovable liberal said...

Of course no way would we call a cop if we thought a crime had been committed. We might find out the things we didn't already know.

Silence DoGood said...

Wild guessing was the general plan when Ken Starr was assigned to persecute, er, prosecute the Clintons.

Now we see it was a fishing expedition. BUT it was successful. It left rumors and mythology. I cannot tell you how many anti-Hillary folks would tell me (without any supporting evidence) "I won't vote for HER, you just cannot trust THEM." The NeoCons thank you for spreading the rumors.

Wild guesses are enough to get the rumor mill going.

The middle ground is to say, the people voted in a new administration - let's go fix some stuff. And prosecute in due course without fanfare.

The left wing-nut approach is: let's stop right here and grind to a halt while we all feel good and self-righteous.

lovable liberal said...

SDG, do you do anything other than false equivalence? Oh, yeah, contentless math maunderings...

What we do know is that there's a credible allegation of failure to obey the law on briefing Congress on black ops. It's not a stain on a dress, o.k.? It's the heart of oversight. Sure, Darth has lots of loony theories that excuse him from any restraint by law, but they're bullshit.

The fact that we don't know the details of the program that wasn't briefed is exactly what you would expect about a program that ... wasn't briefed. Don't you guys get that?

You don't get the rule of law either. It's for me and not for thee, I guess.