Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get behind Michele Bachmann

The wingiest of wingnuts, including Michele Bachmann and G. Gordon Liddy, are threatening to boycott the 2010 census because they received the long form or just because they believe in massive resistance to all government questions or maybe even because ACORN will apparently supply census workers. Never mind that this census will be the 22nd, dating back to 1790. Never mind that the detailed questions of the long form have several decades of precedent without any significant problems. Never mind that ACORN won't be canvassing wingnut neighborhoods.

Well, I'm all for the wingnut boycott. Best way I can see for Massachusetts to keep its delegation of ten at least reasonably liberal Representatives is for wingnuts everywhere to disappear themselves from the census rolls.

Full disclosure: A friend of mine has trained to be a census worker, though not through ACORN. [/snark]


S said...

She is at least entertaining in her nuttiness. I saw her explaining her objections to that blonde woman on Fox and it was just funny the things she considered "personal" information that should not be in the hands of ACORN or the federal government. Like age (I'm pretty sure the government already has my birthdate) and occupation (I recall having to put that on my federal tax return).

lovable liberal said...

Never mind Congress. She really aspires to a wingnutty radio show.

Silence DoGood said...

We have lost our privacy in the high speed internet age. This is true.

But I find no evidence whatsoever to convince me it has anything to do with any census.

We will need to deal with the loss of privacy as a society but MB lashing out at random is not really helping.

As a first step, I might suggest a little more corporate responsibility. We are asked to supply endless personal information which corporations routinely lose to internet thieves.