Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sound and fury

When a public figure has her attorney issue a press release about actionable defamation (PDF), everyone in the media knows it's just blustering bullshit, signifying nothing. New York Times v. Sullivan made sure of that in 1964 - actual malice in the form of knowing publication of falsehoods or reckless disregard of truth is hard to prove.

Maybe Sarah Palin is hoping the current activist right-wing Supreme Court will make law on her behalf. After all, it worked for Duhbya.

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Silence DoGood said...

#1 If I was going to REALLY bring suit, I would do it without warning or announcement. Why alert your enemy?

#2 Funniest part is the complaining about how this alleged wrong doing was used against her during the campaign of 2008. News flash: All politicians involved in the campaign used the media to defame each other. It's politics - get over it. (Casablanca) "I am shocked, shocked that there is defamation going on in this campaign"