Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plantation mentality

A plantation is a place where crops are planted. Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, yes, did have slavery, as did the entirety of the colonies, including Massachusetts. It's not just my favorite Virginian, Thomas Jefferson, who was a hypocrite on human bondage.

To change a name because someone is ignorantly offended, even a 90-year-old man who has suffered real offenses, would be to accede to the triumph of feelings over reality. Could we just change the name because the long form is no longer useful, instead of from some trumped up word association game?

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Silence DoGood said...

Good point.

This reminds me of the speaker some years ago that used "niggardly", correctly, in a speech and caught a lot of ignorant offended anger.

After this last election campaign by the DemoPublicans, I think feelings have covered reality like blanket.

Reality is still out there but you need to think for yourself.