Monday, July 13, 2009

Hall of mirrors

CNN pimps for Liz Cheney. How else to explain this recycled item?

Here's the two-month-old rendition:

Look closely. It's the same story by the same author, both based on watching Fox, but today's item refers to the May item in both structure and content.

Lauren Kornreich is clearly a hack. Neither of these stories is worthwhile, neither has any rationale for Cheney as a candidate rather than an appointee, and neither has any response whatsoever from anyone who might raise such doubts. I've got to give this to Kornreich: She got paid twice for the same flaccid piece of writing.

Click images to see full original stories. Original. I crack myself up.


Silence DoGood said...

Two months? Wow - good call.

The media has learned that they can rehash "stuff" (technical term) and re-force-feed it to us and we will eat it up. Why come up with new news?

Politicians on the other hand have tweeked this a bit by realizing they can adjust their position or flat out reverse it in a month time frame and no one will likely notice it!

Did you know that Obama made well over 400 specific promises on the campaign trail? Not statements of belief or philosophy but promises?

PolitiFact has been tracking these since the average citizen doesn't really appear to care.

The Obameter Scorecard
Promise Kept 32
Compromise 10
Promise Broken 7
Stalled 12
In the Works 68
No Action 386

lovable liberal said...

That would appear to be a pretty good percentage - except that one of the kept promises, so I hear, was the delivery of a puppy to his daughters. That makes me wonder about the whole enterprise of counting promises. Maybe the citizens are right not to care about this tabulation.

Why don't you get right on that and report back?

Silence DoGood said...

You may belittle the puppy, but it is the truth - he got a freebie.

Obama ran on a platform of pretty high ideals. Louis Farrakhan called Obama "the Messiah" early on and Oprah proclaimed "he is The One" and his campaign ran with it. I expect him not to make wild or vain promises. I, as a citizen am interested in the list.

And I strongly disagree that citizens should not care to keep track of promise delivery. I think politicians should stand by their word.

This same web site points out the lies of Rush and Coulter too. Do you think we should be paying attention to their lies or is their version of the news "pretty good" by your criteria?

"I want you to hold me accountable" candidate Obama.

If you don't hold politicians accountable we risk another Nixon in very short order.

lovable liberal said...

Forest. Trees. You should learn the difference.