Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stress positions

Why wouldn't all evangelicals immediately make the connection between the torturous martyrdom of Jesus and the torturing of Islamic jihadis? How many messiahs are they creating by favoring torture, even if they believe that all messiahs besides theirs are false messiahs?

The sad truth for many Christian evangelicals (of course not all): Their religion is part of their conservative and violence-ready culture and they choose only the parts of Christianity that fit that culture. The golden rule? An eye for an eye was good enough for their daddies. Moral constraints about anything other than sex? There hardly seem to be any.

These American Christians are faithful, not moral.

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globeisatrocious said...

Christ's actionable intelligence: He died for your sins.

lovable liberal said...

Is that a joke? Wouldn't that have been the Pharisees' actionable intelligence?

Oops! Now can you see?

Just for a moment allowing credence to these myths, when you stand for your judgement, will it be too late to beg for the forgiveness that is required for your salvation? I'd say yes.

At best, Christ only died for your sins if you're repentant (in some way, easy or hard, depending on sect). Time runs out on redemption, that's the deal. Better grab for it while you still can.

Of course, even this appeal I've just made is an appeal to your self-interest. Maybe that will penetrate where morality hasn't.

Silence DoGood said...

globeisatrocius - you have just been told your religion is a joke and it is based on "myths" and you haven't "morality".

I guess that "liberty and Justice for ALL" motto on this blog does not include you in the ALL. Sorry.

Don't feel bad. As I read this blog I am seeing there are some pretty elite limits on the ALL.

Another example of how zealots on the left act pretty much the same as zealots on the right.

May I suggest freedom of religion and tolerance as an alternative to all zealots out there?

lovable liberal said...

So, SDG, another believer who favors torture? Another Pharisee? Or not? Is my apostasy more offensive to you than globeisatrocious's countenance of torture?

Good luck getting into the heaven you believe in.

I'm not planning to pretend that I believe something I don't just because you can't abide that statement.

My belief and my commentary on your belief in no way restricts your liberty or justice for you, just as globeisatrocious's assertion of his honored-in-the-breach doctrine of salvation in no way restricts them for me.

Freedom of speech is not freedom from speech. Freedom of religion is only freedom from state religion. But you seem to want special protection for your faith that of logical necessity can't extend to other religions or lack of religion.

globeisatrocious said...

>Wouldn't that have been the Pharisees' actionable intelligence?

>Oops! Now can you see?

Christ sacrificed himself and He told his followers why. He was the Torturer and the Tortured and the Actionable Intelligence, too! All without sin, too. Pharisees were just standing around.

Oops! Now can you see?

lovable liberal said...

Your comment reads like an undergrad stoned on sinsemilla listening to Jethro Tull.

Yeah, I can see: No logic needed for you. God makes it all o.k. Unless you need him to make it all go away, in which case he does that. Unless you need something else, like a fresh supply of bullshit. Now that's a personal god!

Did you notice that you completely vitiated your own poor metaphor? Nope.