Friday, May 1, 2009

Art of the non sequitur

Newt's shooting off his mouth. That's what he does. Republicans just aren't used to being the target. One of the insulted RNC members offers this typical logic-challenged snipe in return:

“Forming circular firing squads only gives aid to the Democrats who are doing quite nicely in undercutting the public trust in our government,” [Tennessee GOP chairwoman Robin Smith] said.
She just tacks on that jibe against the Dems at the end as if it actually made any sense or conveyed any further logical thought. It doesn't.

Not to say that Smith's an idiot. She strongly grasps various rules of flackery:
  • Let's you and him fight.
  • Jam your message into the one line you'll get quoted, no matter how unrelated to the question.
  • Always say something bad about your adversary.
  • But do it in a passive-aggressive way that absolves you of responsibility.
Yep, she's been to Newt's message schooling. It's a wonder she didn't use the word 'pathetic', but maybe that hits too close to home these days.

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