Monday, May 11, 2009

Anti-corporate, pro-capitalist

Given the Republican devotion to large corporate interests, this is not surprising:

During the Bush administration, the Justice Department did not file a single case against a dominant firm for violating the antimonopoly law.
Republicans have for years strongly preferred the interests of their corporate sponsors to actual competition. Lip service to competition? That's something both CEOs and GOPers can put the full weight of their rhetoric behind.

It's odd that Democrats understand the critical nature of competition in making markets more efficient, until you think about the fact that Republican Party is first and foremost about protecting those who are already wealthy from anything might change that. Even odder is that the GOP gets away with such a narrow electoral approach by pretending that they want everyone to have a shot at becoming wealthy, the sort of social mobility that requires countervailing power against the company store, the self-protecting monopoly, and the power that wealth has due to its ability to hire the best lawyers.

(h/t Atrios)


Silence DoGood said...

Nice words for now. We will see what actually happens. Anything is better than Bush's active support of monopolies but.... reports Microsoft, one of the corps that will "suffer" in the article, as #3 contributing corp to Obama's campaign at over $800,000.

Their list is full of corporations and financial giants. Turns out that money is the same color green as lobby money.

My question is whether Obama will give some payback (lied to voters) or refuse to give payback (lied to these contributors)

It will be interesting to see how he is just like all the others before him.

Question the Fat Cats and their Puppets.

ArtSeenChicago said...

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lovable liberal said...

Hey, Silence, the corporations didn't make those contributions. Their employees did. Until we publicly finance elections (maybe a good idea, but failed even here in Massachusetts), most campaign contributors, including me and maybe even you, will be employed by corporations.

Question the misinterpretation of data.

lovable liberal said...

ASC's comment looks like comment spam, but it isn't. His/her link is to this page.

To learn how to make your own links, see this page on HTML. Always a good idea to preview before publishing your comment...