Saturday, May 9, 2009

Barack the Magic Negro

The really funny aspect of Obama's steady, confident competence is that the Hollywood stereotype of the magic negro is coming true. He's calm. He's wise. He has a sense of humor. He's trying to save a whole mess o' white folks. If only he didn't speak so directly! Where are his cryptic, zen-like, unparsable aphorisms?

This is a nightmare for Rush Limbaugh. When he played "Barack the Magic Negro" during the election (and actually thought it would help conservatives), he didn't imagine that Obama could quarterback the country through the current blitz of problems. He thought Obama would be another Donovan McNabb, an excellent player who hasn't quite (yet) won the Super Bowl, and that Obama would fail at the incredible panoply of problems left by his predecessors. It was no lose for Rush, or so he thought - no one could fix all the problems, not even some corpulent white guy with money behind him, much less a skinny, black, multicultural outsider.

Once Obama fixes the country (please!), Rush's racist dittoheads will wail even louder than before that there's nothing reserved for them any more. As if any one of them had the wit and talent to do what Obama has already done.


globeisatrocious said...

>Once Obama fixes the country (please!)

wee premature - Rush's listeners actually roll with laughter as this neophyte piles up the gaffes and hires tax cheats - unfortunately the next hire will be the empathetic tax cheat to replace Souter - and gather some insight into the nature of a lampoon before you blog: the song was a satire of an LA Times editorial, as sung by an Al Sharpton impersonator. But why do I try to illuminate you?

lovable liberal said...

Oh, it was just a joke, so no one's responsible for its content, and liberals have no sense of humor...

Yeah, I heard that one already.

No, Obama hasn't fixed the country yet, but you guys are petrified he will - and you'll be reduced to the role of eccentric and much-hazed equipment manager.

globeisatrocious said...

I await the post of gloat when unemployment reaches 5% and DJA 12,000. I predict each will hover at 10% and 8000, respectively, while Obama plays his games and the country waits him out. And in that way, his only term will exactly replicate FDR's first.

lovable liberal said...

The Dow doesn't concern me. It's a bad measure and only a marketing success in that the business press acts as if it's a good measure. Broader indexes do concern me, as of course unemployment and broader measures of it, such as U6.

If Obama can get this on the mend in his first term, we won't have to hand the country back to your idiots to be screwed up further by their complete inability to learn even the smallest lesson. Of course, it's obvious that that's part of their charm for you.

silence DoGood said...

You are both missing why this is funny in the first place - it was Obama's campaign.

It worked. I feel like the little kid in the Empereor's new clothes.

Question Authority.

lovable liberal said...

Guess you didn't follow the link. The magic negro stereotype is not for the star, it's for a wise sidekick.

You'd better put on some real clothes! There are laws, you know.

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