Friday, May 8, 2009

Flip the bird at your radio

That's what I do when Cokie Roberts comes out with her well-compensated pabulum on NPR or one of the TV talk shows. I'm glad other people notice, too:

If Roberts' vacuous segments seem phoned-in, it's probably because they are.


Roberts doesn't just voice the conventional wisdom; she is the conventional wisdom.
Roberts grew up in a powerful, famous political household. I even met her mother Lindy Boggs long ago after Lindy succeeded her lost husband Hale in the House of Representatives. There's a certain class of politicians who cultivate the ability to talk and talk and talk without ever saying anything. The Boggses were that sort of politician, and it served them well as conservative pseudo-populist Democrats from Louisiana, where you needed (and often still need) both racist votes and black votes to win.

But it doesn't serve well for a news analyst, quite the contrary in fact.


globeisatrocious said...

Schorr should go first. Utterly awful.

lovable liberal said...

Was he awful, or did you just disagree with him?

I haven't heard him for a couple of years, and he was still provocative, though clearly starting to lose a step.