Saturday, June 7, 2008

You might ask

"CNN" interviews Fareed Zakaria, introducing him as a preeminent foreign affairs analyst and by the way host of a show on CNN.

You might ask:

  • Who wrote the questions?
  • How can Zakaria be "preeminent" (or even eminent) when he got Iraq so wrong?
  • Isn't this "interview" really just a tool for promoting the network?
  • If he thinks President Obama would only improve America's image briefly, does that mean he doesn't even remember Bill Clinton's world-wide popularity?
  • Does Zakaria even know any Kenya farmers, or is he sharing sources with Tom Friedman?


Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton had world wide popularity?

Is that reflected by terrorist attacks on the U.S.
and U.S. interests worldwide? - Including, Al queda in America planning an attack for 9/11?

Maybe that is Why Dubai (U.A.E.) donated so much money to his Presidential Library. They like him.

lovable liberal said...

Clinton was popular in Europe, Africa, and Latin America, not to mention high approval ratings in North America.

But of course it's an elementary logic error on your part that you think al Qaeda, a small group, rebuts a generalization. If I had said, "Everybody loved him...," you might have had a point.

It's like this: If I say that Duhbya is unpopular, and you reply that you love him, both can be true and in fact it seems they are.