Monday, June 16, 2008

Gore in the streets

I heard a couple of people claim tonight that Presidential elections don't make a difference. What I don't understand is how anyone can claim that after the last seven years.

Here are a few items that would be different had Florida's will been done and this man been rightly elected President:

  • No war in Iraq with its price of 4000 dead and $3 trillion.
  • No willful and bogus exaggerations of the scope of AUMF.
  • No torture.
  • No John Yoo claims of unfettered executive power.
  • No reverse Robin Hood tax cut.
  • Continued fiscal health.
  • Few and uncontroversial signing statements.
  • Two justices of the Supreme Court who would be at least moderate and thus: No series of decisions in favor of the imperial executive. Also, no Ledbetter decision against a clearly fair and just cause of action.
  • More effective financial regulation (since Democrats actually believe in it) of the credit markets.
  • Research dollars for alternative energy would already be bearing fruit.
I'm sure there are a thousand more.

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