Monday, June 2, 2008


I haven't watched the HBO docudrama about Florida in 2000. It would provoke too many painful memories. Maybe someday when I'm feeling too good and need a downer...

One thing I have to say for Hillary Clinton: If Al Gore had shown her tenacity in 2000, America would be a lot different today. Hillary is counting up the popular votes to achieve the desired outcome, but the vote itself is a total muddle. How do you count Michigan? How do you count caucuses? She is of course counting in the most advantageous way possible.

The problem with applying that lesson to 2008 is that Harold Ickes's threat of a floor fight is an extortionate threat to throw the election to McCain. It puts personal ambition ahead of party and country by risking four more years for the disastrous Bushist Republicans.

Don't get me wrong. All of these candidates compromise for their ambition. McCain kissed so much Bushist and fundie ass over eight years that he learned to like it. Obama cut ties to his church to try to stop the bleeding rather than help his congregation. Hill's just one of the bunch.

Still, the one outcome worse than a Pyrrhic victory is a Pyrrhic loss.


Anonymous said...

Al Gore lost - even with a recount.

No-one knows what recent history
would be like... if Al had some how won the presidency? - I'd say a lot... worse... a lot worse!

We are lucky to have GW.

lovable liberal said...

So vote for four more years, blood and guts McSame. Oh, and sign up to fight in Iran. You deserve Duhbya; I deserve better.

Well, there wasn't a recount. The Supreme Court stopped it. The Florida Supreme Court was considering a recount order that included overvotes, and that would have won for Gore.

Anonymous said...

Dream on loser - there was a recount

lovable liberal said...

Your boys screw up the country, and you're not even ashamed.

I guess you're talking about the useless machine recount. Even Duhbya signed a law in Texas that acknowledged that hand recounts are more accurate.

Anonymous said...

My brother in law's brother handled the recount in South Florida - Ben Kuehne. There was a recount!

It was done by hand and visual inspections of the ballots... Are you trying to rewrite history here????

lovable liberal said...

Go read the Supreme Court decision, then come back. They upheld Republican efforts to stop legitimate counts from finishing.

Love those question marks.

truth said...

Great minds, thinking alike! You are so right.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? What Supreme Court Decision?

Quit making up these strange illusions and nurturing all these weird conspiracies.

Al Gore Lost, just like other presidential hopefuls of the past.

lovable liberal said...

Uh, Bush v. Gore. You know that you've just exposed yourself as an ignoramus by asking that question, right?

Anonymous said...

What Has Gore ever done?

Win a Nobel prize for inventing the Internet?

Giving fuel to the insurance companies to raise homeowner's insure with his Incomplete Truth?

Where is the oversight to the big profits of the insurance companies?

Global warming is fear mongering perpetuated by Al Gore, to help justify insurance hikes to homeowners in gulf states. - So I guess Fat Albert is a meteorologist and a long term global weather prophet. He is just a has been, a loser and will fade away - or maybe he'll resurface with a civil lawsuit by homeowners who had their insurance raised, help leading to foreclosure of the homes.

Anonymous said...

The Bush/Gore decision doesn't exist... quit making up things.

You know everything on the internet is controlled by Al Gore... he invented it.

So, if you look up Al Gore information it is probably skewed.

Look who the ignoramus is now - HAHAHAHAHA

lovable liberal said...

Now you expect me to teach you how to use teh Google?

I guess I'll have to get myself a Paypal tip jar, but you'll need to pay some serious dough for it to be worth the huge effort of remediating your thoroughgoing ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Does "Teh" stand for "Tehran"? I certainly do not plan to use Tehran Google!

Learn to spell or type!

Maybe if you'd quit ignoring facts, maybe, I'd pursue some of your points. I might even change my philosophy, when the facts are presented to me.

But when you ignore so much, you should only expect me to reciprocate and ignore your facts!

I enjoy making a mockery of this forum! It almost doesn't deserve any respect. - It is founded on fantasy and non-truths.

I soon plan to dismiss this place as another Pundit Echo Chamber!

Soon, only your own gaseous sounds will be heard here, over and over again!

lovable liberal said...


Money quote: "It is often used ironically, and can be used to mock someone's lack of techie knowledge or skills, as an insult,..."

You keep asserting things that aren't true, and no I won't assume they are just because you say they are.

Remember this, though it's too late for you: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Anonymous said...

Once Again, "Cherry Picked Information" as an effort
to compensate for your shortcomings as some kind of grammar professor. Your use of "TEH" is incorrect in its use with a noun like "Google".

Face it, your attempt to be intelligent has failed miserably. - It is obvious and revealing in this forum.

You are just a loser, just like Al Gore.
Maybe someday, you'll discover
some ability besides passing gas.

lovable liberal said...

You're too stupid to recognize when you've been pwned! Look it up. Use Google if you know how.

By the way, since you're trying to fight back (however lamely), putting 'teh' in front of 'Google' is part of the joke. Guess what! You're the butt of the joke.

You show ignorance in every area you write about. If you think I'm a loser, I know I'm doing something right.