Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stewardess, I speak jive

O.k., I'm a fifty-year-old white guy, so I'm not exactly on the cutting edge of pop culture. But even I know that Obama's fist bump with Michelle was, uh, not worthy of commentary.

Fox News wants to know:

Is that sort of a signal that young people get?
Of course, I do still play basketball, and you know how African that is, so I can be expected to know the strange ways of Fox's stereotyped mysterious Negro. Thing is, I also play tennis, America's number two Republican sport after golf, and middle-aged tennis players know this, too. They probably picked it up from Fox broadcasts of NFL football.

Fox's audience lives in the 1960s, but they resent even that touch of modernity and wish they lived in the 1950s, before women and black people ran for President, when Spike Lee wasn't even an uppity gleam in his daddy's eye, and when all the girls wore dresses and blond hair.
These are the same people who forty years ago thought that a soul handshake was an assault on the dignity of America.

What I want to know is where Fox finds so many announcers who are so willing to pretend abject ignorance of their own era. Are they all fundamentalist Mormons?


Anonymous said...

Generalizations and stereotypes are the norm.

Been like for centuries. What else is new?

Do we need to question that? I think they found a genome for it. It may be quite normal. Just part of natural selection, I think Darwin figured that out a long time ago.

When the average person asks who they plan to vote for. What is the usual answer? They say Hilary, Cuz she's a... or Obama, cuz he is...Or McCain cuz he is the White guy.

Get real, We as human's may be centuries away from some kind of non-stereotypical behavior.

Do you think C. Rice and Albright have
respect from Middle-East leaders?

Do you think the male dominant societies
in that region want women in burkas?

It may take a global change before stereotypes are never used.

lovable liberal said...

You seem to view stereotypes as bad, yet you object to my snarking Fox's traffic in them. I think you're chasing your own tail.

Or else you're saying don't bother to try to raise the level of discourse, since everyone's too stupid for that. Just wait a couple of centuries and it'll fix itself. How? You don't say.

But at least it won't be your problem.

Anonymous said...

I've been stereotyped my whole life. I deal with it through sarcasm and oblique point of view.
I manage to remain hopeful and positive.

I feel stereotypes are simply a tool of discrimination.

Can't wait for accurate statistics to begin playing a bigger role. Especially, governmental agencies, to identify high-risk people. So we can discriminate based on new minorities. Maybe a public health care system would be a great starting point.