Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dobson: Bible means what I say

James Dobson can accuse Barack Obama of editing the Bible to fit his worldview, but he can't recognize his own editing. Dietary laws in the Old Testament aren't relevant, but despising homosexuality is. Etching the Ten Commandments in stone in Alabama in a courthouse is a cause celebré, but slavery is passé.

Dobson may call himself a Bible literalist, but the Bible, especially the Christian Bible, is so filled with contradictions that Obama is right to say that it's not a clear basis for a modern secular government. No matter what Dobson's "traditional interpretation" may be, there's no way it's less a distortion than Obama's.

And, of course, Jesus was a liberal (though not a statist liberal).

Still and all, Obama has to expect to be attacked about everything. His Christianity is just another thing that thoroughly political wingnuts like Dobson, far from trying to understand and accommodate even in honest disagreement, will try to muddy up with invidious comparisons.


Fuck Obama said...

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lovable liberal said...

Hey, how cool is that? An end-times Christianist who openly uses the word 'fuck'! Everything else is proof that the stupid lives, but it can cut and paste even if it can't paragraph its fanciful screed.

Seriously, these are the idiots who have been running our country into the ground for 7 years. Could they please all get raptured soon?