Monday, November 17, 2003

Rush to judgement

Rush is also applying his rehab lessons to politics: When liberals say something bad about conservatives, they're really telling us what they think of themselves. So, when Ted Kennedy says that Bush lied his way into the Iraq war, ol' Ted is really telling us that he would have lied in a similar circumstance.

I learned so much in such a short time.


The truth is that the frothing right wing is usually guilty of its own charges:

  • Clinton's lust for power was nowhere near their own
  • ditto his "lying"
  • the way they play the race, gender, and ethnicity cards for cynical gain in hearings on judgeships
  • being soft on terrorism (see Conason, Big Lies, ch. 12)
  • running the government for the gravy train it can provide
  • a complete and utter sense of entitlement about everything
  • etc.

If rehab has made Rush just self-aware enough to see this, he'll be using this a lot. But really, "it takes one to know one" is the dumbest old saw I've ever heard.

If not, it takes someone who projects to know someone projects, and ...

Originally a comment on Eschaton.