Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Don't trigger the trap

"War on terror? We're talking about Iraq. And in Iraq, the Administration's incompetence, top to bottom, has failed to win the peace we all want. Instead, it has left our brave men and women bleeding there every day."

And, "The American people now know that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake, even if Pres. Bush and Sec. Rumsfeld can't admit it."

Originally a comment on DailyKos.

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Arguments about Howard Dean

Comments in response to this post on DailyKos.

By the way, which one's Pink?
The truth about the blogosphere is that no one ever gets the last word! We just move on to another topic.

In any case, your twenty something posts in an hour and a half suggests that you don't have enough constructive to do, so you came here to pick a fight. Wouldn't that be more fun at your local biker bar?

My bona fides:

  • worked for and contributed to Dean
  • then worked for and contributed (more) to Kerry
  • have been inspired by both, intellectually by Kerry and both intellectually and emotionally by Dean
  • have been inspired by Al Gore since he decided not to run

All three have problems:
  • Al Gore is not a natural politician. His old man was, but "young" Al is too cerebral - great for governing but hard to elect.
  • John Kerry doesn't have the common touch. He has a hard time getting to the heart of the matter inside of the twenty minutes it originally took him to "explain" his position on Iraq. The fact that after a lifetime in politics he didn't understand that he had to fit into two short sentences clinched my support of Dean.
  • Howard Dean scares people. I don't understand this and chalk it up to the herding of the media whores. The more I hear him, the more I like him. But this worries me.

Still, I am damn sure we need something new and different than what we've been doing, and it has to come from outside Washington.

One can't shirk the responsibility of recognizing truth by adding I believe. It is reasonable to say that an opinion based on a falsehood is wrong.

No joke
We have to do just this kind of guerilla marketing to get our message out past the filter of the lapdog media (an insult to lapdogs everywhere!)

Downloadable audio and video. Local access cable. Text messaging trees. Animations that ridicule the Bushists. Anything to put our buzz into the air.