Wednesday, December 17, 2003

"Senior administration official"

I'm really sick of statements made in press briefings being attributed to a "senior administration official". This is not a valid ground rule, and a press corps that was worth the First Amendment wouldn't have to think twice before disobeying it. What's McClellan going to do about it? Throw them out? Now that would be a story!

Originally a comment on DailyKos.

Friday, December 12, 2003

GOP market segmentation

The Republicans are expert at segmenting the market. They know that they can use diametrically opposed tactics and only political junkies will notice.

So, they will have one message for moderates ("compassionate conservatism"), another message for right-wing Protestants (Bob Jones U.), many different messages on Iraq (9/11, imminent threat, WMD, human rights, liberation, oil, power, democratic dominoes in the Middle East, protection of Israel, Inigo Montoya, ...), code words for the hardcore neo-confederates - you get the picture.

Rove and Co. will fire any bullet they can lay their hands on at Dean. Unelectable? A clear and present danger (to the United States of Neocon)? Dean can't be both, but they'll have the money, the doublethink, and the media shills to do both.

Originally a comment on DailyKos.

Signing up with Howard Dean

I went to a Dean meet-up last week to recruit new blood for the Democratic Town Committee. Hey, they get me, I get them, we both win! Please, sign up and get active.

The danger of acquiescence is obvious.

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Monday, December 8, 2003

Smug for the camera

Cokie Roberts is useless except as a prime example of smugness.

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