Thursday, October 28, 2004

One curse down, one to go

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So Yankee fans are...
... vampires?

Can't see themselves in the mirror?

But seriously, there were Yankee fans in front of me in Fenway at ALCS game 5, and they were all right. Of course, they didn't have the opportunity to gloat, which helped.

There were also obnoxious Sox fans. One drunk guy wanted the Sox to throw at every Yankee. He must have expected to lose anyway. Then there were the screeching sorority girls who only wanted to kill A-Rod. I guess he was too sexy for their shirts.

Still, there's no topping Yankee fans for being the world's worst winners.

I grew up...
... a Cardinals fan, but I don't recall hating the Cubs. Why hate the source of so many wins?

The Mets, though, sure.

Believe this or not: I was in Marlborough, MA, last night before the game for a rally for my state senator. Ted & Vicki Kennedy were the headliners, but the surprise guest was Luis Tiant. After the Senior Senator fired up the faithful, lots of us crowded around El Tiante. One woman proudly showed me her Kerry-Edwards-Red Sox sign, autographed.

That's great, I said, but you should go back and ask him to put a date on it.

Now there's a souvenir!

Then, the Sox won during the totality of a lunar eclipse. If you believe in omens, they are all lining up. Me, I believe in GOTV, and we will win or lose based on what we do between now and Tuesday.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Red Sox an omen?

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Francona's move to Martinez makes no baseball sense except to motivate him - to say, "You're still a stud, and we need you to be a hero."

With Schilling doubtful, we've got to get good things from Pedro, and he's been known once or twice to lose control of his emotions.

Birthrights, etc.
It's that whole birthright thing that makes the rest of the country hate the Yankees ... and Duhbya, too.

But you've gotten over it, so I guess I could, too. The Yankees, that is.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

McCarver and Buck

... used to be good, but lately they've been making me sick. They had only one theme prepared last night - Schilling's ankle tendon - and they hammered at it, as if they've been taking message lessons from the Bush White House. But they hardly noticed Schilling's pain until it was completely obvious. It's amazing that he got out of the third!

I suspect that the real problem with sports telecasts these days is direction. Have you noticed how much more play the back story gets, as if no one really cares about the game!

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Friday, October 15, 2004

Promotions for Republican frauds

  • Otto Reich
  • Elliot Abrams
  • Ollie North
  • John Poindexter
  • Karl Rove
  • any GOP White House press secretary
  • George Duhbya Bush!!
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