Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Writes like buttah

The New York Times buries the lead:

“We did not arrive at the doorstep of our current economic crisis by some accident of history,” Mr. Obama said here to 900 invited guests, a relatively small audience for him. “This was not an inevitable part of the business cycle that was beyond our power to avoid. It was the logical conclusion of a tired and misguided philosophy that has dominated Washington for far too long.”

He added a moment later: “We were promised a fiscal conservative. Instead, we got the most fiscally irresponsible administration in history. And now John McCain wants to give us another. Well, we’ve been there once. We’re not going back.”

My guess: The reporter and his editor wanted to write their own lead. They may have fancied that their job. They just didn't do as well as Obama (though it is a creditable article).


Anonymous said...

Notice things have gone down hill with the Democratic Majority in Congress! Is it a Coincidence?

We know who holds the Purse Strings!

lovable liberal said...

Ah, so the Congress, which has had a bare Democratic majority for 17 months, is at fault for all the bad things the Republicans did in government for the six previous years, when the most the Dems had was a razor-thin and fragile majority in the Senate. Yeah, that's conservative "reasoning" for you.

By the way, look around, I'm not happy with Pelosi and Reid either. Of course, their problem is not ideology; it's their lack of willingness to fight the Republicans for what they believe in.

Some of that is due to the fragility of their coalition, which the 2008 elections should fix.